New Lunar Science

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The discovery of water on the moon, first at the south pole and then the north, highlights one reason for further Moon focused missions that may require and support feet on the ground on the Moon.

Now scientists, using data from old seismometers left on the Moon way back when during the Apollo missions, have learned some new and very interesting things about the structure of the Moon’s core.  Scientists applied new techniques to the old data…techniques that have been used to study Earth’s core.  The new discoveries were hidden in data made fuzzy by the fractured nature of the Moon’s crust.

Makes me wonder how much more could be learned from newer and smarter equipment.  Given the importance of the Earth’s magnetic field to life on this planet, and the fact that the Moon used to have a strong magnetic field…and now doesn’t, I think that the study of the process by which the Moon lost its magnetic field is important. 

You folks who keep saying, “We’ve already been there, we don’t need to go again” now have some more things to think about.

~ by Bill Housley on January 7, 2011.

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