Dead Blackbirds Drop From the Sky

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Fireworks?  Lightning?  Energy weapon testing?  Redwing Blackbirds acting strangely, possibly running into things by flying too low at night for some reason.  5000 birds found dead.

Right now, officials seem to have ruled out any toxins or disease and are leaning toward fireworks startling the birds and causing them to fly at night and run into things.

More fringe speculation points to energy weapon or weather control testing.

Read up for yourself in the links below.

In Beebe, Ark., 5,000 Dead Blackbirds Drop From the Sky –

~ by Bill Housley on January 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Dead Blackbirds Drop From the Sky”

  1. Ryan told me about that. It’s kinda creepy… 5000 dead blackbirds falling from the sky to bring in the new year… sounds like an “end of the world” movie.

    • A supersticious person might consider it a dark omen. 😉

      Like…”Look out world! 2011 is going to be a doozy!”

      For me it is more like, “5000 blackbirds fainted out of relief that 2010 was finally over…except, they kind of did it in mid-flight. Oops!”

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