Of Mountains and Molehills


Image by Jonty Wareing via Flickr

It’s time that I jump on the bandwagon and make a big deal out of what will turn out to be…well not nothing, but a whole lot different from what some folks seem to think it will be, which I think will still be significant, just not…well, we’ll see.

Ya, I’m talking about the astrobiology news conference that NASA has announced for 2pm Eastern time tomorrow.  You can watch it and other cool stuff live on NASA TV by clicking ..HERE..

Now, what NASA seems to have been looking at lately in the field of Astrobiology is the possibility that the building blocks of life (i.e. organic molecules), and the secondary signs of life (i.e. certain other molecules in places where they don’t belong or missing from places where folks think they should be), are common throughout the universe, and perhaps even in notably unpleasant locations where one wouldn’t expect to find life.  Also, to find more Earth-like conditions somewhere other than on Earth.

So, it is likely that the “discovery” they will announce will turn out to be something along those lines.  Now I won’t speculate as to exactly what that discovery will be–there are folks a lot better informed than me who refuse to do so–but I will take a stab at what the press conference will NOT say…

Here goes…

“We have found intelligent life on a distant planet.”

“We know that intelligent life from other worlds visits out planet.”

“Meet ET, who will now take questions.”

There you go.  That’s my totally uninformed prediction.  Even if they COULD or CAN say those things…they won’t do that tomorrow.  Let’s see what happens.  😉

~ by Bill Housley on December 1, 2010.

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