The Royal Observatory Astronomy Photographer Winners for 2010

Royal observatory

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You all know I love beautiful sky imagery, and some of these are astonishing.  All three categories (Earth and Space, Our Solar System, and Deep Space) had five winners and I’ll try to see what it’ll take to license my own two personal favorites (“Blazing Bristlecone” and “Orion Deep Wide Field“) to add to this post later.  For now you’ll have to click the links.

For a look at the complete collection, click here.

What you folks here need to understand is how shockingly easy it is to get started taking shots like these from your own backyard.  Pay close attention to the captions in these links as well as some of the photography advise available through the Royal Observatory website.  You might have the resources to try your hand at this art form.  Sure, the night sky is lovely when you look up at it, but a little magnification and some delayed aperature on a camera and you can catch color and details that elude your eyes.  Learn some skills and some folks will see your work and think Hubble took it!

Thanks be to these photographers for their efforts at refining their art and to the Royal Observatory for sponsoring the contest.

~ by Bill Housley on November 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Royal Observatory Astronomy Photographer Winners for 2010”

  1. Those are AWESOME!

  2. “Blazing Bristlecone” and “Orion Deep Wide Field” were some of my favorites, as well. I also loved the other class winner, “Siberian Totality.” I’d have to say those three won fro a reason!

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