Into the Dark Available Now for Pre-order (update)

The release date for my new book, Into the Dark–Escape of the Nomad (ISBN:9780981685311), is still a month away.  However, it is available now for pre-order from the publisher’s bookstore page Barnes & Noble’s website,, and any American Booksellers Association bookstore website like King’s English Bookshop

Into the Dark is a fiction novel about human spaceflight. Former astronaut Stan McPherson, frustrated by the sudden and inexplicable liquidation of NASA just as humankind stood on the threshold of interstellar Space, uses his own funding to begin building the starship prototype that the public didn’t want. 

But when he discovers that his work has placed him across purposes with, and in the crosshairs of, an alien superpower bent on enslaving a helpless, grounded Earth, his ship building project suddenly becomes a hide-and-seek, cloak-and-dagger race against time. 

If you live in the Salt Lake City area, my first signing for this book will be on the release date, September 24th, at the Barnes and Noble store in the Layton Market Center, across the freeway from the Layton Hills Mall, starting at 6:00 pm.  Of course, you shouldn’t see it on store shelves until that date, but if you order online soon the publisher will try to ship it to arrive at or near the release and I’m sure Barnes and Noble will too. 

This book is bound to become a favorite among space exploration enthusiasts, astronomy hobbyists, and gadget nuts everywhere. I wrote it to entertain your teens as well. If you’ve ever enjoyed science fiction in books, TV, or on the big screen then I wrote this book for you. 

Be one of the first to reserve your copy.  Order today. 


Into the Dark at Cowboy Logic Press. 


Into the Dark at Barnes and Noble. 

Into the Dark on 

Into the Dark on 


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~ by Bill Housley on August 28, 2010.

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  1. […] That is not my impression of their reaction toward me or my book.  Several weeks ago, before Into the Dark was listed in B&Ns inventory database, I visited every B&N between Orem and Layton in Utah […]

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