Announcing Into the Dark–Escape of the Nomad

My upcoming book will soon be made available for pre-order.  I should probably wait until it is before announcing it here.

Oh well.

The official release date is September 24, 2010.  For those who live near me, I’ll announce the location of the release party once I know where it will be.

The book is published by Cowboy Logic Press, who sponsered my first published work, Another Man’s Terrorist in the 2008 anthology Satirica.  As usual, the cover of Into the Dark features the amazing artwork of Chelsea Conlin.

Click on the pic to view the book’s webpage.  One more click and you’ll find the reader’s guide, or click here.


Astronaut Stan McPherson built a starship to escape a world hostile to space travel, but got more than he bargained for.

 Now the pull of the stars has dragged him into a dangerous game of interstellar cloak-and-dagger between rival alien superpowers, with the survival of himself, his ship, and his planet hanging in the balance.

 Suddenly, space is no refuge.

 Where will he go?


~ by Bill Housley on July 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Announcing Into the Dark–Escape of the Nomad”

  1. […] commissions to my main gallery. The space scene is from Bill Housley’s upcoming novel, Into the Dark–Escape of the Nomad (published by Cowboy Logic Press), and will be out on September 24. The tigress is the new logo for […]

  2. […] Conlin I just wanted to post some details from the cover of Bill Housley’s upcoming novel, Into the Dark–Escape of the Nomad (published by Cowboy Logic Press). It will be released on September 24, so keep an eye […]

  3. I thought I would leave my reply here. I live in Queen Creek Arizona so Tucson is only a few hours away. Will your blog post when and where you will be? It would be great to see you.

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