UN and Rights of the Child

huckabeevideoI couldn’t believe it.

No really, I thought it wasn’t possible.  It seemed to me at first like those who told me about it were jumping at shadows.  In fact, this is an issue whos proponents seem to actually like the shadows.

I have a couple of relatives who are further over to the right than I am politically–which is actually saying quite a lot.  Several months ago they told me about the UN circumventing U.S. laws and parental rights by signing a treaty with the U.N. to allow the United Nations to set laws with regard to how we raise our children here in the U.S.

The news media seems to ignore the issue.  It seems that Madelyn Albright of the Clinton administration signed this treaty which circumvents U.S. laws and lets folks in the U.N. hold sway in matters of child rearing.  They didn’t try and ratify it then because it wouldn’t have passed…duh!

Now it seems they are trying to pass it.  The treaty, apparently, would allow an unelected, unaccountable foreign commission to trump the decisions of parents in this country though our courts on several issues.  Including:

-Teen abortions and parental notification of abortions, pregnancy, illegal drug use and other health concerns.

-How and when parents can punish their children.

-How much church children have to attend.

-The presence of firearms in a home with children.

-Where and how children are to be educated.

Ironically, even though this legislation seems to be on the docket for this session of congress, I’ve been having a really difficult time locating information about in the local media.  I mean, I see lots of foreign new talking about how it effects them, now that they are bound to it, but not a peep out of news sources in this country. 

After much searching, I did find a brand new article in the Watertown Daily News which talks about this. 

You know, I really hate commenting on something until I’ve had a chance to readup on all sides of it, but in this case only the opponents of this treaty seem to want folks to know about it.  Folks like the above named online newspaper, Mikehachabee.com, homeschooling advocacy groups, and the like are talking about this, and it looks like it really does exist and that it really is an issue

Something inside me makes me wonder why the folks who like this idea are hushing it up.

Could it be that only those people who don’t want it want other people to know about it?

Wow.  That sounds like something everyone should know about!

So here it is.  I saw a uTube video on FaceBook with Mike Huckabee, referencing his website for info on this, but when I went there I couldn’t find the information.  There is also an advocacy group which opposes the ratification.

Other than that, your on your own.  Sorry.  Even FoxNews seemed blank.

If you find any good fresh meat on this issue, please comment.

~ by Bill Housley on October 21, 2009.

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