This Obama Flag is Our Obama Flag


Now before you blow a gasket, let’s just analyze this for a minute–and yes, this image angers me too.

But beware the target of your anger, because anybody can hang a flag on a flagpole.

Did someone do this in Photoshop? Possibly, and possibly not—apparently there really is someone who makes and sells these flags, and that person’s politics may or may not agree with the Obama administration’s policies.

Assuming this really is real, then someone actually hung it there. Maybe they intended it as a joke, or a way to embarrass the person responsible for that flagpole and the house displayed in the picture.  If so, then this is simply vandalism, and the flag portrayed here is no more.

Maybe the resident hung it there to express support for President Obama in these rocky times. If so, then I think it’s a highly irresponsible form of expression. I’m sure such a thing is illegal at some level, and if not then it should be.  I hope they’ve already realized that and taken it down.

If someone, anyone, did this to make the statement which this image seems intended to portray—that Barrack Obama should be some kind of dictator over this country—then pox on them.

There is another possibility too. Someone opposed to Obama’s policies might have put this flag up to scare folks—because of where they think those policies could lead the country. It’s also conceivable, that certain fringe groups opposing Obama did this to discredit him in the eyes of the public, or annoy their fellow conservatives into getting involved.

If so, then pox on them too.

I don’t agree with Obama very often, but I’ll give him this much…I think this image sickens him as much as it sickens me, and unless he says anything to contradict that opinion, I’ll continue on that assumption.

No single president in the history of this country has the right to have their face on our flag—none. If the free winds of this nation are currently blowing over an abomination like this, then I want the person responsible to come forward, give us their name, and explain why they did this.

Then they need to take it down and replace it with the true symbol of our liberty that so many have lived and died to preserve.


~ by Bill Housley on October 12, 2009.

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