So now we boomers have messed up Twitter


We finally did it.

Our sweet children use social networking for, like, you know, social networking…duh!

But us boomers…too many of our generation like porn and money.

We seem to think that anything that attracts lots of eyeballs needs to have porn and spam on it.

I’m not completely innocent in all this. After all, the biggest reason I have this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and one of my two MySpace profiles is to help promote my Science Fiction writtings…to make money.  I don’t use or promote porn.  I think porn is an abominable, habit-forming, family destroying pestilence.  But most of my time online is spent trying to make money. 

That includes Tweets.   I wouldn’t have time to spend with Twitter or Facebook (or here on WordPress for that matter) unless there was at least the distant potential of making it pay.  Not everything I post on these sights are money-making related mind you, I do the fun stuff too, but a lot of the times I find myself doing that to make it look like I don’t think of the Internet as strictly business.  Sad, but true. At this stage in my life, family life support is where my priorities are.  Sorry, kids.  Some day when you’ve got a house and children, and more than one car, you’ll understand.

There is an article I read once somewhere that talks about this tendency of parents to embarrass their children online, but now there’s an article in Technotica on MSN.  It says that it’s Twitter’s turn.  So watch out, some of your followers might be porn bots.  Twitter’s people are aware of the problem, and have confronted it with a wave of filters and account deletions.

It’s not just Twitter either.  I sometimes get comments here on this WordPress blog that make me tip my head and say, “Huh?”. Just so you know, if you comment here, and the comment doesn’t seem to me to be relevent enough to the article I posted, I’ll probably dump it as spam. I have ten comments in my Akismet spam queue right now, and it has filtered seventy-two comments in the life of my blog space.  Seventy-two? Holy smokes, I have a total of five legit comments on this site. Five…with seventy-two spams.  I don’t think I’ve even been at this a full year yet (I’ll have to run and check later).

Good thing we have Akismet.

Maybe our children are right.

~ by Bill Housley on September 8, 2009.

One Response to “So now we boomers have messed up Twitter”

  1. It’s funny you should write about this. I was pondering “part” of the same thing today, how adults in their late 20’s/early 30’s and UP (or basically the Baby Boomers and Generation X) have taken over Facebook and Twitter. And no, not just the movie stars (ala Ashton Kucher and Demi Moore). Remember Friendster? I wonder if they’re still around. I know MySpace is a ghost town these days. But if you think about it, the way MySpace is now, is the way Facebook and Twitter will eventually become. Something is BOUND to replace it. Evolution. What will be the social platform of 2015? What will be the social platform of 2020? Just as someday in the not-too-far future the microprocessor will be replaced. And nanoechnology is going to advance sooo rapidly in all areas of science and genetics (my opinion).

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