Writing Addiction


Ok.  I just experienced a shift in addictions.

You know, you read about folks who, intent on ridding themselves of one addiction, replace it with a less destructive one?

Well, I just finished writing my first novel, “Into the Dark—Escape of the Nomad”.  I sent it to the publisher last week.  I have worked on it on and off for five years, but over the past year, since the publication of my story in Satirica, I have been sort of on the sprint to the finish with my book.  I have shelved a variety of important projects and things to give me the time I needed to get this done.

I also have, for the most part, have had no time for computer gaming.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have a busy life outside of my Science Fiction writing.  However, those other things are mostly those critical “gottados” that cannot be neglected by any responsible person.  The things I am talking about are the  “shouldadones” and “liketodos” that normal married men do; repair the extra car/s, plant tomatoes, build a deck, go fishing, clean the office, etc.

I kept saying, “Once the book is done, then I’ll have more time to…”

Well now the book is done.  As well as it can be done right after sending it off to the publisher, waiting on the next step.

So I read the third Twighlight novel, and enjoyed it.  There sit over almost a dozen more novels, piled up on my “must read soon” list, including the Guardian of the One, The Eragon series, The Inkheart Series, and Breaking Dawn.

But I have grown tired of reading.

And the computer is calling to me.

Backoning to me.

StarCraft is spinning in the CD drive.  It has sat there for months, but I ignore it.

I want to write.

I need to write.

It is early in the morning.  Everyone is asleep.  My most productive writing time.

My hard drive is crammed with partial writing projects of various types and sizes, in many stages of completion.

They want me, they cannot grow without my care.

Let’s see. 

Which one shall consume my life next?


~ by Bill Housley on July 31, 2009.

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