The Bigger the Wall

My Phone

My Phone

I should warn up front, this message is being typed into a Microsoft Word document, on a cellphone, sealed inside a ziplock sandwich bag—by a very wet man in a bathtub.

Shocked?  You should be.

An amazing thing is happening.

Can you feel it?

It’s a little like the fall of the Berlin Wall, except bigger.

Much bigger.

I have an old acquaintance, lost to me for over two decades, that I hooked up with recently through FaceBook. I found out that she was a victim of spousal abuse. She wrote a book about it, and it was published. Just like that.

I have another friend who I hear from instantly, wherever in the world his work takes him. He turns on his computer and I see him on MSN messenger, and we chat.

Not all that many years ago, I worked for New Horizons Computer Learning Center. One of the classes I taught was email. I learned a lot teaching that class. I learned that one doesn’t take a class to learn how to use email—one takes a class to learn to use email. I loved to show folks it’s benefits over what I called “YoMail”. YoMail is where you pop up out of your cubicle and yell, “Yo, Bob! Have you got (insert reference to desperately needed information here)?” I showed a particular group of nice folks from the same set of cubicles what the information age could do for them, and I witnessed the freeing of a people. Their eyes lit up and they started messaging back and forth, and a computer class turned into a celebration that could be heard all the way down the hallway.

But that was just the beginning. Since then the Information Age has come of age.

My three daughters are grown, attend college, and live many miles away, but I don’t miss them. We all have cell phones. Just a thumbpress away. Watch, I’ll demonstrate right now:

Me (9:48 PM):
Hey, Krista!

Housley, Krista (9:48 PM):
Hey, daddy!

Me (9:49 PM):
Say something.

Housley, Krista (9:49 PM):
I did! :p

Housley, Krista (9:50 PM):

Me (9:50 PM):
Great, that was perfect! Thanks.

Housley, Krista (9:50 PM):
Haha. why?

Housley, Krista (9:51 PM):
Why what are you doing?

Me (9:52 PM):
It’s formy WordPress blog, you can read about it all later. BTW, what was the path to your wp blog again?

Housley, Krista (9:53 PM):
Oh ok. it’s Klhpensil

Me (9:53 PM):
K thanks. See you on the 4th.

Housley, Krista (9:54 PM):
Ok 🙂

Just like that, but that’s not all.

If you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Athiest, Budist, or whatever, and think your beliefs or people are misundertood—just blog it. Leave it out there for the world to see it, talk about it, and judge for themselves.

You can twitter your way to the Presidency, MySpace your way to fame, YouTube Karaoke the world, and Facebook all of your old friends and tell them about it.

Or, as is happening right now in Iran, you can free a people from repression.

That’s actually the topic of this blog. I read a recent news article about what’s going on over there. Somewhere in the article it said that all the journalists had to stay in their offices—were not allowed to go out and see what was happening.

It then proceeded to tell me all that was happening there anyway.

Just like that.

It’s all over Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Probably MySpace too. It’s coming at us from cell phones and computers all over Iran.

Tyrants and despots are put on notice today. The politically oppressed in Iran and elsewhere aren’t alone. Planet-molding events cannot hide from the planet anymore. The human family is having a reunion—online.

Governments can quarantine journalists, confiscate cameras, shoot rivals, lead guided and sanitized tours, and sponsor state-run media. It is all in vain, because none of that works anymore, and trying it only puts a big “L” on their foreheads. They can round up dissidents, and before they can transport their victims to detention, there’s a viral on YouTube showing the whole thing on thousands of computer screens, smartphones, and televisions worldwide.

But what is happening in Iran is only the first brick to fall.

The wall around the secret slaves of the world is crumbling.

So pay attention. Document it. Get involved. Get ready to tell your grandchildren how you were there when the world awakened and came together.

For history is being made today.

~ by Bill Housley on June 28, 2009.

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  1. I am very interested. I have everything ready, and would very much appreciate it.

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