Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day

That’s what I get for spending a couple of days to organize storage (and rest from the same).

I got up early this morning, at 2:30 am, to see if I could use Jupiter to nail Neptune with my cheap telescope…

BTW, Jupiter and Neptune are in triple conjunction this year, and were so close together last night that for a while I mistook Neptune for a Jovian moon! Then I saw a Jovian moon and saw the star along the ecliptic on the charts that I had been thinking was Neptune.  So I compared and could see the blue color of Neptune compared with the star.

I think I saw the International Space Station fly over too, I’ll have to research it and find out.  It was three or four times as bright as Jupiter and crossed the meridian quickly from about southwest to northeast.  I didn’t even try and hit it with my poor equipment for a better look though.  It flew way to fast fo that.

Anyway, it was 47 degrees here in Evanston, WY , and I was cold, so I came back inside the house to do some late night work on my book.  When I clicked my blog I found several blogs in Sci Fi Picks talking about “Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day“. Further research showed that it happened yesterday, that it was just invented this April—this year—and that I missed it.

Thank you, rolanni, for this great idea.  I’ll be more on the ball with it next year—I promise.

This year, I would like to honor the following SFandF authors whos works I’ve enjoyed, or re-enjoyed, during the past twenty-four months:

Robert Hienlien

Nancy Kress

Orson Scott Card

David Weber

Ursula Le Guin

J.R.R. Tolkien

Isaac Asimov

~ by Bill Housley on June 24, 2009.

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