Announcing—Another Man’s Terrorist

Another Man’s Terrorist

This just in!  Satirica has been nominated for an IPPY Award!

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Satirica Press Release

A scifi story of a war orphan who travels with her brother to a different planet to find peace, only to discover that the war has beaten them there.  The reader joins her struggle as she works to make a safe life on a war-torn planet for what’s left of her family, and learns the true meaning of friend and enemy.

This story is cultural science fiction.  It strips away the layers of cultural, political, and religious dogma that surround terrorism and leaves it standing there, naked, for the world to see.  It is a view of terrorist war through the eyes of two child soldiers.

Another Man’s Terrorist is available in print in the anthology Satirica, available in stores, from Cowboy Logic Press or here.

The History 

Another Man’s Terrorist was a learning exercise for me.  It evolved over about twelve separate revisions in the Jim Baen’s Universe slush forum and was my practice bed for the lessons I was learning there in refining my writing skills.  Gary Cuba in particular, one of the other authors in Satirica, coached me extensively as AMT evolved, and it benefited greatly from his editorial pickiness and skill.

After it was obvious that AMT wasn’t a fit for JBU, Roy Dudgeon, who had read it in the slush forum, invited me to submit a story to the Satirica project.  I submitted this story and one other, and this was the one that he chose for inclusion in the anthology.

The Publisher

For the small-press publisher, Cowboy Logic Press, Satirica is their second major project.  Their first, Guardian of the One, is authored by the company’s founder, Roger Haller.

After accepting Satirica for publication, Roger opened up several forum threads on his website for artwork, editing, formatting and marketing development and he and Roy invited all of the Satirica authors to participate in every stage of the process.  Every element of Satirica is truly a combined effort by all of us.

The Artwork

The ad posters above, and the cover art for Satirica were painted by Chelsea Conlin.  I had the opportunity to meet Chelesea and see some of her work at a writer’s retreat in Eden, Utah, and begged her to participate in the Cowboy Logic forum that we were using to vet the cover art and artists.  As it turned out, her skills and professionalism far surpassed my expectations.   After she was selected to do the cover art, I asked her to do some posters for my publicity campaign.  

I had her read the story, and pretty much let her pick the scene for the first poster.  Here is what she said about the shuttleport scene: 

“There were a couple scenes that really stood out to me visually, one of which was near the end.”

“That scene was almost like slow-motion, and very quiet. I could see people moving around Jessica, Bobbie, and the man, but they were almost frozen in time as Jessica decided their fates.”

The bombing aftermath scene, depicted in the second poster,  is one of the most powerful in the story for both the reader and the main character, Jessica.  It was inspired, and the poster artwork influenced by, a news video that I saw once of a U.S. soldier crying over an injured Iraqi child.

This project has been a huge learning experience for me, and I am fortunate to have been brought into it.  I gained a number of new freinds and business contacts, including Lawrence Dagstine, who introduced me to and continues to help me learn how to do book promotions.  I may have also gained a publisher for my upcoming novel, “Into the Dark“, as Roger has shown an interest in it.  More on that in future blogs.

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This is all I’ve put together so far.  I know there are others.

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~ by Bill Housley on December 9, 2008.

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  1. It really is a great story, Bill! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words, and for getting me involved in the project.

  2. What’s up, I check your blogs like every week. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up
    the good work!

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